PR and Me

My name is Taylor Bentall and yes I created this blog but it is not about me, it is about the world around us and being more aware of it.

Every time I tell someone my major they get a confused look on their face. I had the same reaction when someone told me they were a communication major. The question that follows is “What do you want to do with that?” There is so much you can do, I can’t decide.

I love helping people. I love how businesses and organizations help others and it turn help themselves. PR and Advertising go hand and hand and they are all around us.

How are magazines and TV stations able to function? Advertising

How do companies brand their image and recover after crises? Public Relations

Take a step back and observe why certain advertisements pop up on the internet or TV.

Be aware and take interest in the companies that are targeting you. 


GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

Define the typical GoPro user. A person who is restless, loves to live on the edge and wants to capture it on video to show to all their friends. They use GoPro during skiing adventures, skateboard shoots and back flips into pools. This video of a fireman saving a kitten using a GoPro has gotten 3.4 millions views in one day. What a great idea. It is targeting those who have no use on a GoPro. The video is getting comments like “I must not cry…I must not cry.” and “Omygosh 😥 when he holds the kitten at the end!” Now you tell me if those comments came from the previously described person at the top.