Meet the staff: Taylor Bentall

I am the Campus Editor for Scroll. Here is my boss writing about the staff. She is great.

Chief Confessions

campus editor, taylor bentall,

This is Taylor Bentall. He is the Campus Editor for Scroll. His office catch phrase is, “Boom! Roasted!”, which he uses like a boss.

Taylor has been a welcomed addition to our editorial staff this semester.

Before becoming an editor, Taylor wrote for the campus section. He proved himself to be a hard worker and a dedicated member of the staff.

During the week, Taylor’s job is to assign stories to each of his writers. Then, he sits down with each writer individually and talks about what they did right in their articles and what they need to improve.

During production, Taylor, along with his assistant Sierra (more info about her to come) create the pages for their section. This involves placing photos, articles and headlines onto the page, which will eventually get printed.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile to get work done and he’s constantly…

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It seems that every time I search for information on Google there is a Wikipedia link toward the top. In past years I have been told by professors that Wikipedia is not a credible source because users can change information on the site.

There has been an emergence of a an agency called Wiki-PR, their purpose is to edit Wikipedia pages. The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that operates Wikipedia, is currently talking with Wiki-PR.

If you visit’s homepage it says that they build, manage, and translate 12,000 pages for people and companies. It is a pretty straight forward website, there isn’t a lot of text and honestly not a whole lot of information about the company. 

According to’s article on the subject, Matthew Roth, global communications manager at the Wikimedia Foundation, said that any solution will include transparency and neutrality.

It will be interesting to see how The Wikimedia Foundation handles the situation. 

Fantasy sports teaches PR lessons

Fantasy sports teaches PR lessons

There are sports and then there are fantasy sports. Fantasy sports are when people have a team of a bunch of players and depending on how they preform you get points and you are faced against opponents. Who would have thought that playing fantasy sports would teach you lessons in PR! 

I thought this was a very insightful article with an interesting twist. Read the entire article. I will give you a preview. One of the points he makes is Pre-season projections are just a snapshot of an educated guess. “True data-driven decision-making in both the geek sports sphere and PR is characterized by being willing to change course from initial strategy and adapt earlier than your adversaries, because you’re continually analyzing data.”

It’s So Crazy it Might Just Work

I just watched these new Dodge commercials with Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy from his popular movie called Anchorman. I thought it was ingenious. They get a spokesperson that is fictional and really popular and promote Dodge but you also promote his new movie coming out this year. I know the ad it doesn’t talk a lot about cars, that’s the point. This particular ad talks about the glove box, it’s funny and makes you think … why do they still call it a glove box?

Car commercials get old, I thought it was fresh and different. Let me know what you think!