Another reason Boston is the greatest city in the world

Another reason Boston is the greatest city in the world

Boston is the greatest city because of its sports teams, fans and history. Of course this is my opinion. Boston just added another feature that makes it greater and it will also make calling City Hall very interesting.

Boston social media director Lindsay Crudele introduced a new social media tactic to play local Boston band’s songs while waiting for calls to City Hall. The links to songs can be submitted through twitter.

This is such a great idea. No one likes the boring elevator music while waiting to talk to someone at any business. Remember when ring backs were popular? Well this is a great PR move for the city of Boston. I bet people will call City Hall and want to get put on hold so they can hear their song.

It’s a great idea and it doesn’t take that much work because they don’t have to find songs, they are being sent in.


Netflix: The Comeback

Netflix: The Comeback

Remember in 2011 when Netflix decided to split its streaming and DVD services? Well if you don’t, there are 800,000 customers that do. According to CNN, that is the estimated number of customers lost in the 2011 debacle. By losing that many customers they lost a whole lot money, but more importantly they lost credibility.

Amazingly they have climbed to the top again. The secret, they listened to the consumer. In April the company said it added more than 2 million US streaming subscribers in the first quarter of this year.

“We’ve focused on steadily improving the service, adding more TV series and movies that people love, and making it easier all the time to choose and watch wherever and however you want,” Netflix CCO Jonathan Friedland told PRWeek.

My family canceled Netflix after their poor decision but now we are back on the Netflix train and we use it more than ever. I watch Netflix about every other day. Netflix has done a great job and it could be one of the greatest PR turnarounds in the last two years.

Fun Fact: Netflix spans genres and generations, and accounts for 1 billion hours of viewing a month—nearly one third of all downstream Internet traffic.(

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Red Bull: YouTube King

Red Bull: YouTube King

Red Bull has done just a good job at branding their image that sometimes I forget that they are an energy drink. I can’t remember the last time I have seen a “Red Bull gives you wings” commercial.

Words like extreme sports, dirt bikes, skydiving and space jump come to mind when I think of Red Bull. They now have over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Why? Because they partner with extreme sports and everybody loves watching death-defying feats.

Red Bull has over 1.2 million twitter followers, I just became one yesterday. They must be doing something right.

That right thing is that your advertising and PR doesn’t have to directly promote your product. Never have I seen a commercial where they show a Red Bull.

They are first on YouTube and the second place company is Playstation, they aren’t even close. They have a little more than 2 million.

Here are the top 10, according to Mashable:
1. Red Bull
2. PlayStation
3. Rockstar Games
4. Apple
5. GoProCamera
6. Rovio Entertainment
7. Ubisoft
8. Nike Football
9. DC Shoes
10. Pepsi