Red Bull: YouTube King

Red Bull: YouTube King

Red Bull has done just a good job at branding their image that sometimes I forget that they are an energy drink. I can’t remember the last time I have seen a “Red Bull gives you wings” commercial.

Words like extreme sports, dirt bikes, skydiving and space jump come to mind when I think of Red Bull. They now have over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Why? Because they partner with extreme sports and everybody loves watching death-defying feats.

Red Bull has over 1.2 million twitter followers, I just became one yesterday. They must be doing something right.

That right thing is that your advertising and PR doesn’t have to directly promote your product. Never have I seen a commercial where they show a Red Bull.

They are first on YouTube and the second place company is Playstation, they aren’t even close. They have a little more than 2 million.

Here are the top 10, according to Mashable:
1. Red Bull
2. PlayStation
3. Rockstar Games
4. Apple
5. GoProCamera
6. Rovio Entertainment
7. Ubisoft
8. Nike Football
9. DC Shoes
10. Pepsi


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