Real Christmas, Real Giving, Real PR

I almost didn’t watch this video, but I am so glad that I did. I have never heard of WestJet but they must have done a good job because I am writing about them write now.

This was such a great idea. I can’t even believe the logistics that went into pulling this event off. It must have been a nightmare, but the final product must have been very satisfying.

Lots of companies spending hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on fancy PR events. Those don’t go viral, they might get press, but this event was amazing. Since Dec. 8 it has gotten almost 2 millions views. The video was well done and has a great emotional pull for the current Christmas season.

Public relations is here to change people perceptions of a person or a company and to incite action. Well I know my image of WestJet is very high right now. I am sharing and writing this blog so they are inciting action.

Well done WestJet, I don’t even know where they fly, but you can sign me up!