Facebook: Trying to be Twitter, but it can’t


Look familiar? No it’s not Twitter, but you’re close!

It seems that Facebook is playing catch up once again.

Facebook users may have noticed the “new” trending section on the upper right section of the page. I say “new” because Twitter has been doing this for years.

I have never been an avid fan of Twitter, but it is growing on me. It is a great way to get news really quick.

When I first saw the trending section on Facebook all I could think about was how they copied Twitter. They also copied the hashtags. #copycat


While Twitter soars and more users flock to it (no pun intended) Facebook seems to be lingering behind trying to find out what they are doing wrong or not doing at all.

I clicked on the trending section to see how the posts were and it was mostly just companies or news outlets posting pictures and content. It wasn’t conversational. It felt like Facebook has companies pay them so they can be trending.

This opens a whole other chapter in the Facebook era. Are companies now going to have to pay Facebook to be “trending”? Twitter bases its trending topics off of what people are actually talking about and tweeting about in real time.

I didn’t see this happening at all on the Facebook trending sections.

After clicking on it once and finding it useless, I have zero incentive to go back and click on it again.

This may be of some use to PR professionals and advertisers, but they will have to cough up some cash to get on the so-called “trending” section of Facebook. They could cough up cash, or produce good content that people will talk about instead of paying for it.

What do you guys think? Let me know!





The Opposite of DYI: Doritos Style

The Opposite of DYI: Doritos Style

So if your company doesn’t feel like making a Super Bowl commercial just have your fans do it.

It might seem lazy, but I would use the word genius. No production cost, nothing. All they have to do is pay for their work. Obviously not every company can do this. It has to be done well and Doritos does just that.
Doritos has done this for the last few years and it has been very successful.

Doritos has been getting great media coverage by ABC, CNN, Adweek and USA Today.

This is a great idea because they are getting all the hype for the winner before the Super Bowl even happens. The cherry on top is getting the viewers on Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s all about the final ad, but it is a great campaign. It is getting amazing PR leading up to the Super Bowl.

What could be better than getting thousands of people viewing your website and voting on the commercials? Sales of course! Duh!

Though the Crash the Super Bowl campaign is getting coverage right now will it actually change anything? Will it please management at Doritos?

I guess we will have to wait and see until after the Super Bowl.

Here is the link to the Finalists.