Fake, made up news destroys credibility


Putin ordered to have a man killed after a mistake at the opening ceremonies.

Blake Griffin smacked Justin Bieber in a Starbucks.

The creator of the app Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, committed suicide.

These are all stories that were written online and were not true, but they fooled a lot of people.

Plenty of people believed these fake posts and shared them all over social media, searching for the truth.

Fake blogs with stories like these are ruining blog credibility as we speak.

The ability to create content and publish it online is a great opportunity, but it can also be a huge problem.

Some sites produce content that is deliberately and obviously ridiculous for entertainment purposes.

The Onion is a famous fake news outlet that produces outlandish content.

It is so outlandish that it is obviously fake and fabricated.

These posts about Bieber, Putin and Flappy Bird could have actually happened.

That’s why people believed them. The writers of the aforementioned stories use catchy, misleading titles to draw people to their blogs to increase their views.

Even if an Onion news article has a title that could be misleading, if you read even the first two paragraphs it is clear that the article is fake.

After the first 50 comments on the ‘Blake Griffin smacks Bieber’ article, only two people mentioned the possibility of it being fake.

Some call these stories satire. I don’t think they’re satire at all.

One comment on the article said, “This isn’t even satire. Satire is witty commentary on society. There’s nothing witty, clever or original about this … it’s just a fabricated chain of events that … would draw publicity to his ‘article’

The article drew 6.5 million views.

I guess the author is proud to say that his fake news article tricked people into visiting his or her website.

I saw people on Facebook posting the stories about Putin ordering a man to be killed after the opening ceremonies and the Flappy Bird creator killing himself.

Some may say that people are stupid for believing such stories. Honestly, how are we supposed to tell sometimes when everyone has a blog and can post just about anything?

Since when is it OK to joke about death and committing suicide?

This happened even after Dong Nguyen had received multiple death threats over social media.

That is just distasteful and disrespectful. No one who was in these stories were harmed once the stories were proven false.

The worst that could have happened was someone wasted five minutes reading the fake story and another minute searching Google to find out if the story was true.

However, it is just one more strike against bloggers and Internet credibility.

I want the people visiting my blog to believe that what I am writing about is true so they come back again

I love satire and a good laugh, but I also love satire that is actually satire and not a bunch of fabricated lies. I enjoy reading some of The Onion’s stories because they are outrageously fake. So let’s leave the fake news to The Onion and focus on writing about things that are actually happening.

If you are tired of this too or have any insights I would love to hear about them. Comment below.

There is the link to the article: http://www.byuicomm.net/fake-content-can-ruin-a-blogs-credibility/


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