Given free pizza, people still complaining

It’s been about a month since the explosion occurred due to a fracking in Bobtown, PA and the people are still complaining.

It was a serious accident and there have been reports that one man passed away due to the explosion.

Chevron was the the company that was doing the drilling. They are never far out of the PR spotlight.

Chevron felt bad that the explosion disturbed the town members and decided to give the residents a coupon for a free pizza and drink at the local Bobtown pizza shop.


Bobtown is a small town of 750 residents and reports say that around 100 coupons were dispersed.

Apparently some people (not the residents of Bobtown) don’t like pizza, or they don’t like Chevron. Some people were outraged that Chevron would give such a meaningless gift after such an event.

According to the Associated Press, nearly 13,000 people have signed a petition demanding a further apology for the explosion, calling the pizza coupons “an insult.” None of those people are from Bobtown.

Some are from surrounding communities and a lot of them are from other states or even other countries.

This makes no sense to me. Chevron was trying to make a good PR move and show the residents they care. They chose to get angry about it.

If they had done nothing the public would have been mad too. It was an accident, accidents happen. I would be happy if i got free pizza.

In one article I read they had a resident quoted saying that he thought it was a decent more of them to give the coupon to residents.

I thought it was a good move to, like I said they could have just done nothing. People honestly just want something to get mad about. People outside of that town are getting worked up for no reason. The explosion didn’t hurt or affect them.

If they hadn’t done anything to address the problem then that could give people an opportunity to get worked up. They acted and they are still getting criticized.

The problem here isn’t Chevron it’s over-critical people.


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