Breakfast War 2014: Taco Bell vs. McDonalds











Taco Bell vs. McDonalds, the breakfast war continues!

Yesterday March 27. Taco Bell released their breakfast menu nation wide and today McDonalds placed their counter move.

McDonalds will now be giving away free coffee from March 31 until April 13.

Taco Bell released some hilarious ads obviously targeting McDonalds.

When I saw this ad I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was great PR and Advertising. I am not sure what has gotten into Taco Bell, but I love it.

I haven’t tried the new breakfast food yet, but I hear it is just like any other fast food breakfast. I don’t even care if the food is good I am just happy that Taco Bell is fighting against the big M.

It’s great to watch. Taco Bell has been all over Twitter with the anticipation of the new menu.

According to USA Today, Breakfast is widely regarded as the last, best growth segment in fast food. It’s a $50 billion business, estimates Technomic.

McDonald’s has cornered that breakfast market for decades with more than one-quarter of the fast-food breakfast business, but it’s suddenly feeling new pressure from such unlikely breakfast competition as Taco Bell and Starbucks.

CEO Don Thompson has said that the chain’s new product pipeline needs to improve. And February sales at its stores open at least 13 months fell 0.3%, as its U.S. business slumped for the fourth consecutive month in the midst of ghastly winter weather.

In the USA Today article Ron Paul, president of Technomic said, “So far, no one has been able to compete with McDonald’s at breakfast. Everyone is grabbing for a little bit of market share wherever they can get it.”


If they are not worried why are they giving away free coffee?

I don’t think that McDonalds is going to lose a lot of sales, but it is interesting to see their counter moves.

Recently I received McDonalds breakfast coupons in the mail suspiciously close to when Taco Bell was going to release their breakfast menu.

The timing of everything is interesting. They aren’t worried, but they are giving out coupons to get people to come and now giving away free coffee.

McDonalds you can put your PR game face on all you want, but we all know that you are a little scared.

Freebies are a last resort and you know it.



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