CIA Twitter account, Good or Bad PR?

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Over the years Twitter has grown and most companies have a Twitter account. Twitter is known mostly for its ability for instant breaking news, but mostly for its humor.

In my opinion funny tweets get the most engagement.

If Twitter is known as a humor platform should companies or organizations try and be funny on Twitter?

I am asking question but to be honest I am not sure if there is a blanket answer here.

Let’s take the CIA for example, yeah that CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency. They recently just got a Twitter and they have 720,000 followers in just over a month.

How did they get all of those followers? Humor. It is ironic that an agency that is sworn to protect information would get a social media platform to publish information to the entire world.

Here was their first tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.38.36 PM

However, my favorite tweet was their second one. Look at how many favorite and retweets it got.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.38.43 PM

After looking at the CIA Twitter feed they don’t just post funny tweets, they have newsworthy content. However, the tweets that get the most engagement are the funny tweets.

Some people might say that the CIA shouldn’t be funny and that it hurts their image, but I think that it is hilarious. I am now following the CIA because I want to see what they have to offer.

I think it would be stressful to run the CIA Twitter account, that would not be fun!

I asked a few people around me of companies or organizations that it would be inappropriate for them to tweet out funny things. Here are some of the answers:

  • Funeral Homes
  • Religious Groups
  • Charity groups

I agree with these, it would definitely be OK for these companies to have humorous Twitter feeds! I think that large corporation like Taco Bell, Walmart, Target and food places can get away with being humorous on Twitter.

There is one catch to that, there is always a catch. People can tell when companies are trying to hard to be funny.

Let me know what your thoughts are! below!



2 thoughts on “CIA Twitter account, Good or Bad PR?

  1. IMO people who don’t like the funny CIA tweets are misunderstanding the purpose of branded social media. Social media is about transparency and authenticity. The former isn’t something the CIA can put out there, but they can do something about the latter. Brands that have the best social media presence know how to humanize themselves to engage with the audience. Nice post!


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