#ChevyGuy: Public embarrassment turned unplanned PR Stunt

Public embarrassment turned into great PR for GM after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in Game 7 against the Kansas City Royals.

After every World Series victory an MVP is chosen and they usually get a car. This is usually not that memorable of an experience unless you are the person receiving the car.

That all changed when Rick Wille, zone manager and liaison between GM and its Kansas City-area dealers made a huge blunder while presenting the car to Madison Bumgarner of the Giants.

If you want to watch the video, here it is!

When the time was turned over to him he was totally shocked. He stumbled and had to look to his notes. He ad-libbed a line that would bring guffaws on social media: “It combines class-winning and leading, you know, technology and stuff, with Wi-Fi powered by OnStar.”

That was the line that made Rick Wille a star on Twitter and he became the Chevy Guy.

According to an ESPN article, #Technologyandstuff was trending on Twitter, as was #ChevyGuy, with many comparing Wilde to the comedian Chris Farley.

“ChevyGuy is the most hilariously awkward person ever,” one person tweeted.

“Chevy really sold me on their new Colorados with that class leading technology and stuff and immediate recalls!!!,” another tweeted, an obvious reference to GM’s safety problems.

Although people were mostly talking about how he messed up they were still talking about the brand. His blunder turned into a great unplanned PR stunt.

If you don’t believe me look at these statistics!

According to a Bloomberg.com article, Chevrolet, the official vehicle of Major League Baseball, has received at least $2.4 million in media exposure from Rikk Wilde’s unconventional presentation, much of it on social media, according to sponsorship evaluation firm Front Row Analytics. That’s six times more than the $392,000 it would have brought in with a more polished performance.

More people have talked about this year’s car presentation than ever before. I don’t care about trucks or Chevy, but I took the time to write a blog post about it!

Chevy even joined in the fun by using the hashtag #technologyandstuff

According to the ESPN article, Michael Albano, the brand’s top spokesman. Said that they saw quickly the ‘technologyandstuff’ tagline kind of take off and start to trend.


He said when they saw that trending that’s when they realized that they have something there to embrace.

GM should be thanking Chevy Guy for his gaffe. They got so much exposure from this it is not even funny!

Even if jokes are directed at him, Chevy is still in the hashtag and people are talking about GM.

Funny #ChevyGuy tweets:

Rob Stone ‏@RobStoneONFOX 
Disgusted that I am not going out as #ChevyGuy for Halloween.

When the world series mvp trophy was being given really inspired me to buy the Chevy Colorado. Because it has
Love ! We like technology & stuff!

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Are internet Ad Blockers making companies waste advertising dollars?


I love advertising, don’t get me wrong! I love a good commercial, especially creative commercials!

However, I want to watch ads when I want to watch them. If I want to watch the sports highlights I don’t want to have to watch a 15 to 30 second ad for every single video.

I watch a lot of highlights so I used to watch a lot commercials. Then I downloaded Ad Block Plus for Chrome. It’s amazing!

This begs the question, how many people are using ad blockers? Virtually no one I have talked to knew about Ad Block Plus or ad blockers at all.

At my new job one of the clients decided to run an ad on Pandora. While in the meeting I thought to myself, ‘I would never see that ad, I have an ad blocker’. That’s when the following question dawned on me!

Are Ad Blocks on the internet making companies waste advertising dollars? Should they invest that money in public relations or in other departments?

After thinking about it for a few days I thought that only a small percentage of the population would actually use ad blockers. Then I looked up some statistics and I was shocked!

When you go to download Adblock Plus on Chrome is shows that there are over 10 million users.

I went to Modzilla Add-ons section and they have a staggering amount of users using ad blockers too.

Modzilla ad blocker

That is a lot more people than I thought! Are companies throwing away money on internet advertising?

A recent report from PageFair, a service that websites can use to measure the extent of ad-blocking, sheds some light on just how afflicted those sites are. Based on data from 220 clients, PageFair found an average ad-blocking rate of 22.7%. It estimates that one if its “typical” clients, with a 25% block rate, loses about $500,000 a year due to blockers. Based on data from a small sample of clients, PageFair says ad blocking is growing 43% every year!

Looks like I was just proven wrong! Those numbers are way higher than I thought!

It looks like it is time for companies to invest that money in PR. Of course I am bias, but is PR a better option? I don’t have all the answer, but I do know that consistency is key. So, if you have an advertising budget that is bringing in revenue then don’t mess with it.

If you see that money slipping away with no return, then it is time to take a step back and evaluate where you are spending those advertising dollars!

I am by no means saying that just because of this report that people should stop advertising on the internet. It does however shed some light on growing ad block use. I also show the fact that companies should step back and evaluate.

If the internet ads are being blocked then where do you advertise? Traditional media is slowing down. I would never pay to place an ad in a newspaper or Yellowpages. Unless I was targeting a demographic above 65!

To finish off I would like to close with this point! I usually visit a site and there are a lot of ads on it. I recently tried to enter the site and it would not let me enter in without disabling my ad blocker. Why would they do that? Companies must have been getting mad because people weren’t seeing their ads.

In the last 8 months my ad blocker has blocked 41,784 ads.

Now it’s time to hear from you! Do you use ad blockers? Are companies wasting money?