The Evolution of Snapchat: Discover It

Snapchat is officially more than a picture a video sharing app. Last week they introduced the “Discover” feature. This feature allows users to see daily news updates from the following news outlets.


According to a new report from BlobalWebIndex Snapchat’s global user base grew 57 percent in 2014. That was more than any other social media app.

Snapchat is always looking to improve the way people use their app. The new Discover section is genius for several reasons. First, Snapchat is getting money from those outlets to essential advertise with them. Second, they are appealing to a broader audience with news stories. Third, it makes people spend more time on the app, which looks good to investors.

The great thing for ESPN, Comsopolitan, CNN and other featured networks is the guaranteed exposure. Lots of people are using Snapchat, around 100 million, so for me this investment is a no-brainer. I wish Snapchat would disclose the agreements they have with the outlets.

I want to know how much they are paying to be on Snapchat. It would be interesting to see those figures!

I personally haven’t used the Discover section a whole lot, however, it has potential. I already have the ESPN app on my phone, but the design of the Discover section is so sleek and clean that I visit just to see what they put on there.IMG_2334

The design is amazing because they have moving images and auto playing videos. Go and try it for yourself, but essentially what happens is it will show an image and then pan over a little and then place the article title. You can scroll down for the full article or you can swipe left for the next article. If you want to leave, simply swipe up!

It’s user friendly and really easy to use. I also want to know how long it takes them to code each news section since they have to update it daily. Once you are finished with the news outlet there is a quick reminder to return.

I have seen a few ads while using the Discover section. They don’t annoy me and if it looks appealing I might ever watch. However, I might be an anomaly because I love watching ads. The great thing about the ads is that you can swipe right past them if you want. You are not forced to watch them!

Snapchat is still on the rise! My Dad uses Snapchat! I never thought that I would say that even though he is very techsavvy. It is so convenient to send quick photos and videos without having to save them to your phone.

IMG_2340Apparently Snapchat is also going to have their own show. I am not going to go into that right not because I am not sure of all the logistics.

Overall, I think Snapchat is a forward thinking company. Brands are picking up on it too. I follow Taco Bell on Snapchat and I love learning about new products through it. I don’t watch TV anymore because of all the streaming services. This is a great alternative for businesses.

I have also seen some other ads on Snapchat under the Story feature. The great part about them is that you don’t have to watch them. That is one more win for Snapchat because they are bringing in the dough.

What do you think about the Discover section? How do you guys think Snapchat is doing? Are they moving in the right direction?