Staged Car Fire Leads to Free Burger King for Good Samaritans

I have written about a lot of different PR stunts that companies have done it the past and I absolutely love this one by Burger King. No more introduction needed, just watch.

I know these national holidays have taken off in the last few years and companies are looking to be affiliated in anyway possible, however, this one stands apart. The amount of effort they took to create this is amazing. Also notice that it’s only a minute long. I am not sure if this will run on national TV, but it’s the perfect length for social media. People just don’t have the patience or attention span to watch longer content.

I really love what Burger King has been doing lately. Check out this other video from October 2017 to create awareness for bullying.

This one was a little longer, but it was still under 3 minutes. As of today and it has a little under 5 million views.

If you really want to watch more Burger Kinds stunts then I have one last one to share. This one was posted at the end of January and has 4.4 million views. Their goal was to raise awareness about net neutrality. The lady at 1:02 is so mad! Enjoy!