Social Media: Blessing or a Curse?









Just for starters I don’t think that social media is a curse at all, but for some companies these days it seems to be that way.

What I am referring to is companies posting inaccurate, offensive and misleading posts. I am mainly talking about Twitter.

The most recent mishap was Delta. They were trying to be newsworthy and tweet about the World Cup, but it ended up just bringing negative attention.

Personally when I saw this I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Statue of Liberty represents the USA and the giraffe represents Ghana. People had a problem with this because giraffes are only indigenous to southern and eastern Africa.

A lot of people are poking fun at Delta because they are an airline company and should know geography. This isn’t a huge problem for me. It was an honest mistake. However, social media in this case harmed their image.

If someone had researched a little more or taken a little more time there wouldn’t have been a problem. However, let’s look at Delta’s side. Delta’s social media team wanted to get an image up fast so people would interact them them. Tweets on a Twitter feed don’t last long, so you have to get your content up fast.

It was their follow up tweet trying to apologize that dug them a deeper hole.

They meant to say previous, but put the word precious instead! Ouch!

What’s worse, the fact that they misspelled a word or that 35 people retweeted it and didn’t notice?

Let’s me honest it could have have been much worse.

U.S Airways was responding to a complaint on Twitter and someone from U.S. Airways tweeted a pornographic picture of a lady. Don’t look it up! I know by saying that you are now going to look it up, just don’t.

@Chinmay_Vaidya– I would HATE to be in PR for US Airways right now
I agree, that is a tough situation. How do you accidentally tweet out a pornographic picture?
Businesses have the blessing or curse of having social media. It can either boost their impressions or just create PR nightmares.
It is just amazing to see the difference between companies that get in PR problem and companies like Taco Bell who are masters of Twitter. For Taco Bell a four-word tweet can get thousands and thousands of favorites and retweets.
Companies and individuals need to think before posting! You may delete it, but you don’t know has seen it and the consequences that might come.
P.S. Proof reading also helps!