Not All Media Coverage is Created Equal

Every client wants media coverage, but sometimes they just want a lot of stories and don’t really care exactly where they appear. I have heard some people say, “The more coverage and back links to the website the better.” However, I really believe not all coverage is created equal.

I work with a lot of consumer product goods and my clients always want coverage from Mom bloggers and online influencers. We usually contact these mom bloggers and offer them free product in exchange for an honest review. Bloggers with bigger followings usually charge a few.

I just got a daily newsletter that had some shocking stories about mom bloggers.

  • One blogger the publication found readily admitted that she was offered trips and high-end products to review, and she jokingly confessed, “My blog doesn’t even get read by more than a dozen a month.”
  • In another case, they analyzed a client’s web traffic for the past five years. They did get coverage in over 1,000 mommy blogs. Only two resulted in actual sales.


Thank you Captain Obvious, that’s exactly how I felt! I have experienced this firsthand. I have sent dozens of products to Mom bloggers just for them to never respond to my follow up emails. There was never a contract written up, just an agreement via email. There is definitely some risk on our side but now you understand a little on why I think not all coverage is created equal.

After some of the mom bloggers I worked with posted their reviews on social media I would see that they only received one or two interactions. I don’t care if you have 10,000 followers, but if you are only getting one engagement per post there is something wrong.

So for me one Buzzfeed (or other big publication) article is equal to about 100 mom bloggers, or more!

The Power of Real Influencers

For the last several months I have been focusing on Instagram influencers.

Just in the month of October my co-worker and I were able to get 49 different links from influencers on Instagram. We didn’t pay them anything, we just sent them some free products.

Example: One influencer posted three recipes last month with one of our client’s products. Those three photos alone had a total of 4,170 likes and 290 comments. Those are just engagement numbers, that doesn’t even count the amount of people that saw the post.

Those numbers were just to further illustrate my point that not every link or story is created equal. The engagement that I got from those free posts was probably more views than all of the mom bloggers views combined that I secured before.

I try to balance my work to make sure that I am focusing on outlets or influencers that are worth while for the client. Make sure you are getting valuable pieces of coverage and not just the scraps.